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Techno India Group Public School Balurghat, or Balurghat Techno India Group Public School. or TIGPS, Balurghat is an English medium co-ed school following CBSE in Balurghat, West Bengal, India. The classes range from Pre-school playgroup to Class XII huge water bottles. However, for the academic year 2012–2013 it has classes up to X. There are almost 600 students in the school.

CBSE is the following board of TIGPS, Balurghat. CCE-based examinations are held in the academics session.

The school has different subjects for each age group:

The school conducts four formative assessments and two summative assessments per year. It follows the new CCE (Comprehensive and Compulsory Examinations) scheme for academics. Special audio/visual classes are taken for every class regularly.

Extracurricular classes include dance or music and sports like cricket, football, badminton, carrom and table tennis. Specialised coaching is given to boys and girls in cricket and football. Summer camps and workshops are held in the vacations to enrich students’ knowledge.

The students are divided into four competing houses — Teresa House (Blue), Tagore House (Green), Vivekananda House (Orange), Netaji House (Red). Competitions are held every year among the houses which include debate, elocution, dance, music, quiz, and sports like cricket, football, kho kho, kabaddi, badminton and others. Netaji House were the champions from 2010 to 2012. Vivekananda House won it in 2013.

TIGPS Balurghat has won prizes for performances outside the school.

It won first prize in dance in 2010 and 2011, 3rd prize in 2012, and 2nd prize in the Republic Day Celebrations at Balurghat Stadium. From 2011 to 2013 it won the first prize in Tableau running gear phone holder. It thus made a record of Hattrick in Tableau in the Republic Day Celebrations. The dance of TIGPS, Balurghat is specially praised in the culture of the town.

In the Carnival of TIG 2008, Balurghat won 6 medals (1 gold,2 silvers and 3 bronzes) and became 4th among all TIGPS schools. In the Memory Test, Balurghat became the most successful among all schools, collecting all the three medals — Gold, Silver and Bronze.

In the next Carnival in 2010, Balurghat came to be second, after TIGPS, Hooghly. Balurghat won 6 medals (along with 2 third positions). The Medal tally consisted of 2 golds,4 silvers and 2 third positions.

Balurghat has been most successful in the category of Memory Test, winning 4 medals. It is followed by Fancy-Dress with 2 medals.

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