Eastern Silesia

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Eastern Silesia was formerly the Austrian crownland Austrian Silesia, which was occupied by Czechoslovakia after World War I. It had an area of 1,987 sq mi (5,146 km²), with a population of 680,422 in 1900. The capital was Opava. Plans for a plebiscite fell through, and the area was divided between Czechoslovakia and Poland. The territory […]

Stefan II (książę Neapolu)

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Stefan II (? – zm. 799) był księciem Neapolu w latach 755 – 766. Panował podczas ważnego okresu przejściowego w historii księstwa. Był tytułowany eminentissimus consul i był przywódcą lokalnej arystokracji, gdy został wyznaczony przez patrycjuszy z Sycylii. Pod koniec jego rządów, ze względu na rozłam w imperium, Neapol praktycznie stał się niezależny. Po jego […]

Bianchi Mediolanum

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Il Mediolanum 36 è stato un autocarro prodotto dalla Bianchi dal 1934 al 1938. Fu prodotto dalla Bianchi di Milano su licenza Daimler-Benz sia in versione civile che in versione militare. Il Regio Esercito e la Regia Aeronautica ne acquisirono 200 esemplari più le versioni specializzate autocinema ed autofrigorifero. Fu utilizzato nelle colonie, dove l’autonomia […]

Call Cobbs Jr.

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Call Cobbs Jr. (also billed as Call Cobbs) (1910 or 1911 – September 21, 1971) was an American jazz pianist, electric harpsichordist, and organist. He is remembered for his work with saxophonist Albert Ayler in the mid- and late 1960s. Although Cobbs was a veteran musician, Cobbs’s recorded output is fairly small. In his youth, […]

The Four Skillful Brothers

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“The Four Skillful Brothers” is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, tale number 129. It is Aarne-Thompson type 653. A poor old father sent his sons out to learn trades. Each one met a man and was persuaded to learn the trade of the man whom he had met. In this manner, […]


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The Maniac III (Mathematical Analyzer Numerical Integrator and Computer Model III) was a second-generation electronic computer (i.e., using solid state electronics rather than vacuum tubes), built in 1961 for use at the Institute for Computer Research at the University of Chicago. It was designed by Nicholas Metropolis and constructed by the staff of the Institute […]

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