European Academy of Management

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The European Academy of Management (EURAM), founded in 2001, is a learned society dedicated to the advancement of the academic discipline of management in the Europe. It is a member of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management network. EURAM runs the European Management Review, a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal published by John Wiley […]

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Mandarine satsuma

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Citrus reticulata ‘subsp.’ unshiu Sous-espèce Citrus reticulata subsp. unshiu (anciennement Citrus unshiu) est un mandarinier issu d’une mutation intervenue en 1429 au Japon. Le fruit est une mandarine douce et généralement sans pépins, populaire au Japon sous le nom de mikan, nom utilisé également en France et en Belgique. Il est nommé satsuma mandarin ou […]

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Twin Lakes State Park (Virginia)

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Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Twin Lakes State Park is a state park in Virginia. It is located in Central Virginia in Prince Edward County. Twin Lakes State Park, centrally located in Virginia’s Piedmont region runners bottle belt, provides visitors from all over the Commonwealth with a variety of lakefront activities in a secluded […]

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