Vincenzo Esposito (calciatore 1971)

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Vincenzo Esposito (Napoli, 6 gennaio 1971) è un ex calciatore italiano 1 liter glass bottles, di ruolo centrocampista e difensore. Cresciuto nella squadra di Portici, nel 1986-1987 firmò il suo primo contratto da professionista con il Valdiano. Passato al Parma, esordì in Serie B nel 1987-1988. Dopo tre stagioni di panchina, nel 1990-1991 fece il […]

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A macellum (plural: macella; Greek: μάκελλον makellon) is an ancient Roman indoor market building that sold mostly provisions (especially fruits and vegetables). The building normally sat alongside the forum and basilica, providing a place in which a market could be held. Each macellum sold different kinds of produce, depending on local availability, but it was […]

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Wilhelm Brunner

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Wilhelm Paul Karl Hermann Brunner (* 4. Februar 1899 in Siersleben; † 22. Februar 1944 in Dorpat, Estnische SSR) war ein deutscher Politiker, Oberbürgermeister in Pirna sowie Bürgermeister von Kötzschenbroda und Radebeul. Nach seiner Teilnahme am Ersten Weltkrieg studierte Brunner Rechtswissenschaften in Hamburg und Halle, anschließend arbeitete er als promovierter Jurist ab 1922 für die […]

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Defrenne v Sabena (No 2)

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Defrenne v Sabena (No 2) (1976) is a foundational European Union law case, concerning direct effect and the European Social Charter in the European Union. The case was championed by the Belgian lawyer Eliane Vogel-Polsky, who was responsible for much of the heavy involvement in sex discrimination law of the time by the European Court […]

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