Anna Bayerová

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Anna Bayerová (4 Nov 1853–1924) was the second Czech female medical doctor, after Bohuslava Kecková. Both of them were prevented from practicing as doctors in their own country so Kecková became a Czech midwife, whereas Bayerová had a medical practise in Berne. Bayerová was born near Mělník on 4 November 1853, the youngest child of […]

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Oak Park Heights, Minnesota

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Oak Park Heights is a city in Washington County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 4,339 at the 2010 census. Formerly called simply Oak Park, the city was platted in 1857. The 1932 Log Cabin restaurant and 1939 Stillwater Overlook are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. According to the United States Census […]

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Joellen Riley

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Joellen Riley (born 1957) is an Australian labour lawyer and academic and, since 2013, the dean of the Sydney Law School. Riley attended the University of Sydney how to tenderize steak quickly, where she earned a B.A. and M.A. in English literature and a Diploma of Education (Secondary), in order to become a teacher. Prior […]

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Ład naturalny

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Ład naturalny (porządek naturalny) – w niektórych koncepcjach filozoficznych oznacza pewien porządek zakorzeniony w naturze. Z powodu wieloznaczności pojęć porządku i natury, poszczególne doktryny filozoficzne znacznie różnią się w rozumieniu ładu naturalnego. Porządek naturalny należy odróżnić od porządku natury, czyli od pojmowania natury jako rzeczywistości uporządkowanej, którą można opisać dzięki prawom przyrody. W społecznej myśli […]

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TİSAŞ (Trabzon Silah Sanayi AŞ) is a Turkish firearm manufacturing company, mainly focused on manufacturing pistols. Its firearms are used worldwide by civilians, police and armies. TISAS was established in Trabzon in 1993. TİSAŞ is a KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization) and M.K.E (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) coordinated company. TİSAŞ foundation is […]

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