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Wolfgang Butzkamm

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Wolfgang Butzkamm (born 11 November 1938) is Professor Emeritus of English as a Foreign Language at Aachen University, Germany. He is credited with the development of a principled and systematic approach to the role of the mother tongue in foreign language teaching which radically differs from a target-language-only philosophy prevailing in many countries. For him, […]

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Croix pattées du Vexin

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Cet article recense les croix pattées du Vexin, en France. Les croix pattées sont une particularité du Vexin, particulièrement du Vexin français, à cheval sur les départements des Yvelines et du Val-d’Oise (le parc naturel régional du Vexin français inclut la croix pattée sur son logo). Ces croix monolithiques reversible meat tenderizer, taillées dans le […]

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