Patricia Brennan

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Patricia Anne Brennan AM (15 April 1944 – 6 March 2011) was an Australian medical doctor and a prominent campaigner for the ordination of women in the Anglican Church of Australia. Brennan was born Patricia Wilkinson in Sydney and had a traditional Anglican upbringing. After completing her medical studies at the University of Sydney thick […]

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Schneeweiß (Adelsgeschlecht)

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Die Schneeweiß waren ein österreichisches altes Adelsgeschlecht, das vornehmlich im (Herzogtum) Kärnten, Steiermark und im Erzstift Salzburg ansässig war, ab 1628 und 1630/1631 in Zweigen in Deutschland. Über die Herkunft und Abstammung der Familie Schneeweiß von Arnoldstein gibt es verschiedene Theorien, die auf Grund der schlechten Dokumentationslage in der Frühzeit um 1300 (insbesondere durch die […]

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Dataproducts Corporation was an early manufacturer of computer peripheral equipment. Initially known as Data Products, the company was founded by Erwin Tomash in 1962 in order to take controlling interest of Telex’s Data Systems Division. The division was behind on a contract to deliver disk files to General Electric. Dataproducts was able to complete the […]

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